Thursday, January 10, 2008

Conversation With Z

Z told me he is very happy today!

Z: Mommy, you know, I am very happy today in school.

Me : That's great! So you are enjoying school!

Z : Yes! Ms B sing and play with us and we play toys too. And we go to the play ground.

Me : Wow! That's so fun! Z is not going to say he doesn't want to go to school anymore right?

Z : Yes! I want to go to school *smile*


I noticed almost everyday after school, Z would want to use the toilet as soon as I pick him up from the hall. I asked if he used the toilet during school hours and he said no.

Me : Do you go to the toilet?

Z : No... Only when Ms B says we can use then we use.

Me : But baby... When you need to use the toilet, you need to use the toilet. Next time you tell Ms B you are urgent ok?

Hmmmm... If it carry on like this, I think my boy will have bladder problem soon. Perhaps I should check with the teacher. Z has always been an obedient boy and he obeys what the teachers says. Sometimes, I wish he would learn from his sister, willing to speak up.

Me : How was school today?

Z : Ms B scold me

Me : Why?

Z : Because I never colour properly....

Z never has this problem when he was in N2 . Probably the class was smaller then... Now with 26 kids in the class and the teacher is probably more strict with the kids. Or the teacher is just telling him and he misunderstood the teacher.


huisia said...

maybe Z just misunderstood what the teacher real meaning, don't worry, Z always can color well, just look at his artworks, that's what i believed!

crazymommy said...

I think you need to speak with the teacher regarding your concerns.

Nikita's best friend was like Z. Last year she didn't dare to request for a toilet break and would hold her pee for 8 hrs when she was put in after-school care during school holidays. I just heard from her mom recently that she seems to have some problems with urination (like control issues) for quite a while now.

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