Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Day Of School

Be Warned! This is a loooong post! :)

I think I am more excited than L :) I didn't sleep well last night and I woke up at 0545hr to get ready first. Prepared their water bottles and breakfast... I decided to prepare snacks for L to bring to school, in case she doesn't have time or doesn't feel like buying. I am a kiasu mom! Hehehe....

LZ woke up at 0645hr.... By 0720hr, we were out of the house. My poor boy... He doesn't need to wake up early but daddy had to send us to jiejie's school and I won't be there to get him ready if he wakes up later. We'll try to adjust the timing next week when I'm done with the volunteer work.

What I didn't expect was the long queue (cars) when we were near the school! I think tomorrow we will have to leave sightly earlier. Daddy had no choice but to let us alight at the zebra crossing. Then L & me happily walked towards the school. I asked her how was she feeling and she told me she was nervous and excited. I was feeling the same way as she was :)

Being a PSG member, I was able to send my girl to the hall and stay there with her. The school does not allowed parents to enter the school even for the first day. I settle my girl with her classmates and teacher and I began my duty as a parent volunteer, guiding the P1 children to their respective line. I was surprised to know that some parents did not tell their kids which class are they in and no class name was written in their books or bags.

Besides the routine during assembly, the children watch a video about a guy without limbs. How he motivate and inspire the kids. I looked at L and I was glad she was watching it intently. After school, she told me about the video and she learnt something from it. She said "NEVER EVER GIVE UP!". That's the spirit! My girl! :)

After the assembly, the children went back to their class and 2 volunteers were assigned to take care of each class. We helped the children settled in and when they need to use the toilet, we accompanied them. L's class was next to the toilet and I was very happy each time the kids asked to go to the toilet coz I was able to see how she was doing. She pays attention when the teacher is talking. Well done Sweetie! :)

5 minutes before recess, their buddies (P5 students - each were assigned to take care of 1 P1 student during recess) were supposed to come and get them but there were 5 students from my class that were without buddies. My partner and me took them to the canteen instead. Then we realised 1 of the kids did not have any money nor food with her and she was hungry! Poor girl.... My partner bought a plate of rice for her.

While they were eating, I managed to see my girl spending time with her buddy, Joy. L didn't buy food and she ate the snack the I have prepared. I think tomorrow I shall not pack any snack for her, she has to try to buy food on her own for this week and next (she has a buddy till next week). My mistake....

How was Z doing? Daddy smsed me during the assembly and told me Z didn't want to go school initially but he managed to pacify him. So after recess, I told my partner I had to go see my boy. I promised him I will be there on his 1st day too. When I arrived at his school, they don't allowed parents to be in there! *SOB* Parents were allowed for the 1st hour only.... Finally at 1000hr (1 1/2 hr of lesson for the 1st 3 days), I was allowed to go in to pick up my boy. We were so happy to see each other! :) When I asked him how was school, he said he didn't like it.... :( I hope things will be better after a few days.... He is probably not used to waking up early, change of teachers and I was not with him.

Z fell asleep as soon as we got home.... After the nap, we picked jiejie up from school. Well, I must say that L did very well for the first day :) and she is happy to see her new friends that she met on Orientation Day. I am sure Z will get used to it very soon too.

For me, I hope I can get along with the PSG members. 1 or 2 of them look so stuck up and unfriendly but I am glad my partner is a very nice lady. When I tried to smile or greet them, they give the so-you-are-new look. My hubby has been very supportive of me joining the PSG member and he joined in too (ad hoc basis). He said if I am not happy being a regular volunteer then I should quit and relax at home. But he knows that I am doing this so I get to see my girl more often and to know the school/teachers more.


fannie said...

Wow...I am visualising myself in your shoe in years to come...Well done, L! She is a very brave girl :)

Rachel.S said...

It's really not easy to have 2 kids going through a new phase of life at the same time...Good thing you have a very supportive and understanding hubby ; )

huisia said...

Woo, she is in P1! She really mature and smart! Bravo to L!

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