Monday, January 28, 2008

Daddy Is On MC

Daddy is on MC for 3 days.... He is suffering from Gout. He called late morning and told me that his colleagues will be sending him home as his foot was very swollen and he was unable to drive. Doc gave him 3 days MC but he has so much work to do... He will be working from home instead of resting.

Z is just like daddy... A meat eater. Given a choice, they will not have vegetables on their plates. I always make an effort to cook at least 1 veg dish. As daddy has his lunch outside, I can't control what he eats.... :( Z, on the other hand, is better. He has his meal at home most of the time. Daddy is also like a camel, he doesn't take water unless you place a glass of it in front of him. When I read through all the food that he has to avoid, I wonder what I should be cooking..... ONE consolation is that daddy doesn't drink unless he has to entertain.

I hope he will recover soon as Chinese New Year is coming and for his health too.... I can imagine he will drooling over the food that will be place on the table. LZdaddy, it is time for you to cut down on the meat and time for you to put on your jogging shoes. Watch what you eat too ok?


Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

Hope LZ Daddy has recovered by now.

Wishing you and all your love ones - 新年快乐!!


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