Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After 2 weeks... - Z

Z is doing well in K1. I think he is popular with the girls. Hehehe.... Daddy told me that.

In the morning, before they go into their class, they have to place their homework files into the respective trays. Daddy told me that as soon as the girls saw Z walking into class, they said "Z, come put your files here and here.... ". Then the other day, while we were walking out of the school, his classmates, the girls said "Bye-bye Z!". I asked him if he knows who they are, he said "My classmates but I don't know their names." *FAINT*

He used to tell me what he did daily, snacks he ate in school, or anything interesting happen in class, he will tell me too. Then when school reopens, I have to prompt him. After 2 weeks, I am glad that he is back to his old self :) He would tell me! It is great to know what has he been up to in class.

One of the things I am still worried abt is the class size... There are 26 of them. I hope my boy is getting enough attention form his teacher. I yet to speak to the teacher abt going to the toilet. I am trying to get him to speak up, to tell his teacher when he needs to use the toilet. The teacher is strict with their writing and colouring. Sometimes, he tells me that teacher 'scold' him for not writing properly. I believe that the teacher meant well..... If she is really mean to Z, I'm sure Z would not want to go to school.

Z has been attending English class since last year and feedback from teacher is that he has advanced to the next level. She also said that Z is very good with his reading, compared to his peers.

In the morning, it is easier to wake him up now, just like jiejie. Sometimes, he wakes up on his own. When he didn't see L (L left for school), he asked "mommy, where's jiejie?". I think he misses her.... They are so used to going to school together, have breakfast/lunch together.. 2 more years, my boy... You will be able to do that again, when you go to primary school :)

He didn't complained much when we used to walk home. But now, he does... I think Z misses walking home with jiejie, just like me. While walking home, we played games , have their snacks and they 'fight' to tell me first what they did in school. Now, it is just Z and me. Not that he doesn't enjoy walking home with me :) It is more quiet now, nobody 'fight' with him to talk or for the snacks :) So now, he always looks forward to picking jiejie up from school. He would ask me to carry him so that he can look out for L when school dismiss.

I am still trying to get used to our new routine but most important is that my babies enjoy school.


Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

It's so nice to hear that both LZ are adapting well to the new routine.

So Z is like daddy huh.."woman's killer"... : P


Rachel.S said...

Z is so handsome, I'm not surprise he got lots of fans : )

Thot the class size for his sch is smaller??

Its the same for C, R&C used to "fight" in the car but now only C, so quiet...

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