Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Toilet Issue

Before I went to the party, I picked Z up from school. Ms B talked to me abt the toilet issue. Daddy mentioned to them this morning.

They (Ms B and his Chinese teacher) told me that they do asked if the children want to use the toilet and Z often said no. They said children would rather play than to go to the toilet. I told them that Z can be shy at times and I would appreciate if they ask him. Ms B was glad that I make an effort to talk to them instead of jumping to conclusion and I am to. I understand sometimes children do misunderstand what they were told.

Z's teacher is very strict when comes to writing and colouring. I know I shouldn't complain and it is for his own good. But my boy just turned 4! Sometimes, he get upset and told me teacher 'scold' him, for not writing or colouring properly. I need to give him lots of encouragement and good thing is that Ms B often write encouragement words on his worksheets. It helps.... I told her about this too and she is very happy that I do read to Z what she wrote on the worksheets.

I do hope things will be better for him, otherwise I can foresee that he doesn't want to go to school.


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