Thursday, January 17, 2008

My SWEET Little Girl

Her snack menu for the day : Butter & strawberry jam shaped sandwiches, watermelon.

My girl is soooo sweet.... She knows I always have to wake up very early to prepare her snacks so lately she has not been asking for 'bento'. She said she would buy from the canteen. I told her it is alright and I enjoy preparing it for her so long she finishes the food. I still prepare food for her when she never ask for it and she is very happy :)

She told me today that a mommy saw her little snack box content and was impressed with what I have prepared for her. When she told me that, she was so proud of it. And of coz I am too ;)

I am learning to prepare bento for her and enjoying every minutes of it :) I admire those mommies who can prepare great bento for their kids and I hope I can be one too. I am sure I can get lots of great ideas from them :)


eastcoastlife said...

So cute sandwiches. I made bento for my son too when he was in primary school. Let me see if I can find the photos and post them hahaha.... give you some ideas.

LZmommy said...

Yes! Please do post it :) I need plenty of ideas what to prepare for her. Thanks in advance :)

jean said...

Hi LZmommy, you are one great mommy! Full of ideas and energy. Now I stopped being so creative and doing shaped breakfast for Grace... no energy so I hope to gain back all my energy 10 mths later :)

LZmommy said...

HI Jean

You are one great mommy too :) I don't think I am as capable as you are to home school my kids :)

I have stopped for a long time too but now she is in P1, I thought I should do it for her again, so she will look forward to her meal :) I am looking forward to seeing your post on that 10 months later :) Meantime, enjoy your pregnancy ya :)

Rachel.S said...

Wow, LZmummy, you are one great hardworking mum. I can't be bothered with R's...

I'm sure R will envy if she sees your blog.

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