Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mr Cai's Visit

LZ were having their enrichment class today and I decided to buy some stuffs for CNY (Chinese New Year). CNY is coming and there is so many things to buy on my list!

While I was walking around, I saw '财神爷' (Fortune God), he wished me and gave a candy. I met him again after 15 mins and he gave me another one. Then when I was looking for shoes for L in the shop, he approached me again! I thought he was going to give me candy so

(Conversation was in Mandarin)
I said : err... You have given me twice.... Before I could finish,

He said : 恭喜 恭喜! I know I have given you candy and I notice you have been doing lots of shopping. *smile*

Me :Yes...

Him : You are in luck! I am going to ask you a question and if you get it right, I will give you a 红包 (red packet)!

At this time, people in the shop was gathering around me

Me: OK... But there is lots of things I don't know abt new year tradition.
Thinking that he will ask about the tradition, so silly right?

Him : Very easy! Now, what is the 红包 colour that we are giving out here?

Me : Huh? I don't even know they are giving out free 红包 packets

Just then, 1 of the 2 staffs that was with him pointed it out to me

Me: Gold and red?

Him : 恭喜你! You have won a $68 shopping voucher!

Wow! It's great isn't it? This is the 1st time it happened to me! I'm in luck! Hahahha.... Of coz I must thank the guy who gave me the answer ;) I will probably be spending it on LZ :)


Clement said...

Wah! Lucky! :D

May this streak of good luck follow you into the new lunar year!

Rachel.S said...

Wow! So lucky of you, must but toto, sure win.

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