Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bento #18

Bento #18
Left: Quail egg & sausage flower (again), Mickey & Minnie jam sandwich. Right: Thai mandarin orange

This was prepared according to her request :) She can't wait for me to bake the cookies, so she asked me to use it for her bread instead. The Thai orange is very sweet, if you are interested, you can get it at Cold Storage. I find that the bento looked very plain :p Anyway, it doesn't really matter to her :) She finished everything!

I have been spending too much time watching late night shows (TV programmes) and sitting in front of the computer. LZdaddy is concern that I am not getting enough sleep and I have to wake up early to prepare food for L. I don't mind, so long she enjoys it and finishes everything. It is better than she eats prata or chicken rice in school everyday.


Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

I guess this is the virtue of Hainanese woman, we will go all out for the LOVE OF our LIFE.. : )

LZ is really very, very lucky.


Rachel.S said...

Yup!! L is such a lucky girl to have you as mommy.

Sausage idea look great, I might steal your creativity for mine too! : P

Elaine said...


First time here. Love all your bento you've prepared for your children. May I know where you get all the necessary kits to make these food art?

Angelcow said...

i hv the same qn as the guest who left a note in your shoutbox... how did you make the rice into all those cute and lovely shapes? i guess you had cookie cutters to cut the shape of the fruits, right? how about the rice and the rabbit shaped hard boiled egg?

LZmommy said...

You are right! Hub said Hainanese women are generally very hard working and that's why he marry me. Hehehe....
On serious note, I am housewife and I think that's just one of the think I have to do, cook & cook :)

Your 3 little are very lucky too! :) Their mommy is so capable, work and cook for the family.

Thank you for visiting :) Some of the stuffs I got it from online.

I used mould for the rice. I will try to find time to write a post on how I did the rest :)

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