Friday, April 18, 2008

Bento #25

Bento #25
Flower shaped rice, chicken drumlet, omelette with fine beans, hello kitty jellies & grapes

My girl loves what I prepared today :) And that's made my day! She finished everything again :) She asked for more of the jellies when she got home. She told me her classmates asked if they can have that too. But I gave her 2 only.... She also told me that whenever she brought bento to school, her classmates will crowd around her to find out what's inside :) How I wish I know how to make fanciful bento but I can't. I am always in the rush to prepare for her...

I realised some of the bentos I used to prepare are too much for her, the bell rang before she finished her food. Thinking of what to prepare is a headache for me at times... I have to think of what she likes and that she will be able to eat fast. When I choose fruits for the bento, I have to make sure it doesn't stain her uniforms. If I am lazy to think, I just have to ask her :)


huisia said...

you really can cook..should learn from you..

Angelcow said...

I will be SOOO PROUD if I had such nice bentos to bring to school! the bentos are already very fanciful! Wah~~ I cannot imagine what's your "standard" of a fanciful bento?!

miche said...

hi, came here from huisia's blog. one that that caught my eye. arranged the long beans nicely when frying the egg arh?

sunshinensunflower said...

Hey, can I have the site u order these cute, cute equipment from?

Like this time round, the hello kitty casing is so cute.

Think u very resourceful finding all these things on site ;-)

My Lovely 'A' said...

I just wish that I hv the time to prepare the bento for my son. Must learn from you all.

Rachel.S said...

LZmommy..u r so humble..if yours are not fanciful, wonder what is?!

I would have crowd round L too! It's always full of surprise and beautiful "creation"!

LZmommy said...

I learn a lot from cook books and pls don't say that *blushing* :) We learn from each other :)

Thanks for making me feel better ;) You should see those japanese website! Their bento look too pretty to eat :)

Thank you for dropping by :) You noticed that? Hehehe... I thought no one would noticed it :)

I ordered mine long ago (when I decide to make bento since last yr) from yahoo auction.

Not resourceful :) Can you imagine the time I spent surfing the net then? :)

My Lovely 'A'
You don't have to do that much like me :) I'm too obsessed, according to my hubby :) Just simple sandwiches will do. We learn from each other ok?

Blessed Mum
When you see those Japanese bento websites, you would think mine is nothing :)

I wil run out of ideas one of these days :) Sometimes, there are so many ideas that I have, I confused myself. I think I need to note it down. How about you give me some ideas?

Health Freak Mommy said...

I think your bento boxes are really fanciful, if only I could do them just as nice.
BTW, did you make those Hello Kitty jellies yourself?

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