Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun Day!

It must be the hormones.... This is the first time that LZ's godma asked if we want to go to the pool! She has never suggest going anywhere that require her to be under the Sun. Sometimes she obliged when we suggest going to the zoo, beach or farm but she has never been the one to suggest. I think we must thank her unborn baby girl :)

Weather was great when we were at the pool :) The daddies rather chat than to dip into the pool and it was alright with us. LZ without fail, had lots of fun whenever we are out with our friends. There isn't any pictures from the pool :( I forgot all about it! I was busy playing with LZ and chatting with my friends.

After dinner, we went to Kallang Airport hawker centre for dinner. It has been ages since I went there. I forgot which hawker served the best food, lucky we had Shirley with us. She walked around with me to hunt for yummy food :) Most of the dishes that we ordered, LZdaddy can''t have it. Yes, he is still suffering from Gout. The stubborn man thinks that the pain will go away on its own. I ordered crocodile meat for him, my friend said it is supposed to be good for him. Call me a suaku.... This was the first time I tried it. The auntie was very nice to give us a complimentary soup.

We ordered lots of food! Z had mutton soup (his favourite), L ordered yong tou fu and I had fried hokkien mee. We had other dishes too, chicken rice, oyster omelette, lots of satays, otah, 啦啦,etc... I think both my kids have a huge appetite tonight :) Besides finishing what they have ordered, they also ate satays and otahs. Especially Z, he ate more than jiejie!

I am soooo tired now... I don't think I will be preparing bento tomorrow... I will probably pack some mini chocolate chip muffin that I baked last night and some fruits. That's what I do, when I am too tired or lazy, I will pack some homemade stuffs for her.


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