Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bento #27

Bento #27
Top tier: Cucumber, baby carrots, quail eggs & diced apples. Bottom tier: Angel hair pasta & salmon.

went to school today.... Poor girl... She was so sleepy when I woke her up. The medicine is making her so drowsy.. I told her if anytime she doesn't feel good, she will tell the teacher and I will fetch her early.

I made this for upon her request :) She said she felt like eating salmon for today's bento. I'm glad she still has appetite and that also means she is better :)


Angelcow said...

Everytime i read your blog and saw the lovely bentos you made for your children, i really feel the love and the pride which L feels through your cooking. You are a great mom!! I mean it!

miche said...

i wanted to say the same too! there is so much love in the bento. i wish i have the time and creativity to do the same and not forgetting love. hahaha

Elaine said...

Your bento look so nice with all the homecook . You must have got up very early to cook. Sure your kids feel proud to bring these bento to school

Rachel.S said...

what more can i say...

LZmommy said...

Thank you Mummies :) You ladies flattered me too much *blushing* On a serious note, I do hope my girl appreciate my effort :)

huisia said...

if have bronchitis, better don't take fish..

LZmommy said...

Oh! I didn't know that! Thanks for telling me :)

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