Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bento #23

Top tier: Pork fingers, broccoli & honeydew. Bottom tier: rice & steamed Japanese pumpkin

Today, L didn't finished her food except fruit. She said the bell rang before she could finished... That's because she lost her water bottle and she had to queue to get a drink. L is a slow eater, that's one of the reason why I pack food for her, so that she doesn't have to spend time queuing up.


Rachel.S said...

wow! Impressive template!

sunshinensunflower said...

Wow, another bento!

Nutty Gal loves it and goes wow!!!!!

Aces Family said...

HEy LZmommy,

May i suggest we start a "bento" catering service..hee.

I drooled too when i see the bento and think to myself : How nice if i have this for lunch..save $$ and lose more weight..hee : P


LZmommy said...

Blessed Mum
Thank you :) Glad that you like the new template.

Nutty Gal saw it too? Hope you will enjoy making beto for her too.

Bento services? I think I will be working 24/7 if I do. Hehehe...
Astee, it is quite easy to prepare it for yourself if you are considering preparing bento, of coz not those fanciful ones. :)

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