Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creative Writing

L has been attending creative writing class since beginning of the year. Teacher told me once (after L attended a few lessons) that L liked to 'cut' her story short. She needs to improve on that.... When I told L about it, she said she didn't want her stories to be too long and teacher said it is not necessary to use all the helping words. Since then I have been reminding to use the helping words.

Whenever we are at the center, we see compositions done by the students displayed on the wall along the corridor. I used to think that it was common for the kids' work up there, to recognise their efforts and they take turns to display the children works and so I told L that. She told me that she hope one day, her work will be display on the wall too, just like her best friend. She did that! Teacher Lynn told me that she was very pleased with L's progress and she has shown great improvement. She also told me that the center is very impressed with her 2nd piece of work and decided to use it as a model composition and distribute to other children. Wow! Model composition? I can't believe it! I was very happy! In fact, I am more than happy! L was wondering why I was so happy, she thought it was because her work was displayed. It was more than that. I am happy because she learned from mistakes and she has shown improvement.

L's composition

She was supposed to have her first piece of work displayed at the start of Term 2 but the center lost her first piece of work :( She was very disappointed every week when she didn't see her work on the wall.... Teacher Lynn apologised and asked me to print out another copy of it.

I guess reading has helped :) Since end of last year, I have been encouraging her to bring a book along whenever we are out. So nowadays, she seldom plays with her gameboy. Even at home, she reads more than she used to. Sweetie, I am so proud of you :) Keep up the good work and be consistent ok? :)

The next thing I should do is to get her to read more Chinese books :)

Here is her 2nd composition ( She wrote this with helping words given by the teacher):
One Sunday morning, Mark was alone in the house. Mark's parents went
to the supermarket in the neighbourhood to buy eggs and corn. Mark was
sitting on the sofa reading a book about plants.

Out of the blue, the door bell rang. Mark peeped through the door
viewer and saw a man in his thirties. He was smartly dressed in a
suit. Mark asked him curiously, "Who are you looking for?" The man
replied, "I am looking for your father. I am his friend from England."

As quiet as a mouse, Mark called his father on his mobile phone and told
him about the stranger at the door. "He said he is your friend from
England," Mark said. "I have no friends from England. Please tell
him to go away," Mark's father instructed.

Mark went to the front door and said, "Sorry, you've got the wrong house."
The stranger eventually walked away and and Mark made sure his front door was

What do you think of it? Honestly, if she was to write this on he own without any helping words, I don't think it will be use as a model composition.. But I am happy that she is able to 'connect' the words and make it into a compostion.


Anonymous said...

what do i think of this? its v well written for a p1 kid!


blurblur said...

Wow!! I would say she is very very good! She's really done you proud! :)

MomsyWorld said...

hey Jane, this is a very good start!

sunshinensunflower said...

Really very well-written for a P1 ;-)

I am impressed *smile*

LZmommy said...

Thank you :), on behalf on my little girl.

Hope she will be consistent and do even better!

kelly said...

I'm impressed too! :)

Clement said...

Wah, "double-bolted" leh. Impressive!

Rachel.S said...

Well-done L!

Joan D'Arcy said...

Wow! wRITTEN BY A 6YO GIRL! Impressed! Well written!

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