Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bento #21

Can you believe it? I woke up at 0445hr! Blur me! I thought it was 0545hr! I started cooking the rice and and looked at the time again, then I realised I could have sleep a little longer... This just one of those rare morning that I don't have to rush to cook :)

Bento #21Top tier: strawberries, edamame, fried wanton. Bottom tier: tamago (my style), onigiri with pork floss.

L 'complained' that I prepared too much for her today and I thought so too. I saw the bento looked so miserable when I put lesser food, so I fill it up. I think this bento suit me better :) This is too much for her recess. She has lunch everyday after school... I don't want my girl to be fat fat and next time she blame me for that :)

Today is a wanton day for us except LZdaddy. He can't have seafood at the moment, so I prepared something else for him... Instead of having fried wanton again for dinner, we had wanton soup. LZ and I never like the wanton from outside (except the ones at Swensen), you can taste the skin more than the meat. Z alone ate at least 10 for dinner today! He have it for snack too!

L and I did something 'naughty' just now :) LZdaddy was not back from work and we were about to finish dinner, we took pic of the last wanton and showed it to him! How evil right? Hehehe... L was happily telling him how much they enjoyed the dinner tonight. He asked why we never keep some for him. He can't have it cos there's prawns in it. Next time ok? When you recovered, I will prepared lots of it for you :)


Rachel.S said...

Guess you are too stressed up already, LZmommy, to "mistakenly" wake up in such ungodly hour! take care ok?

Do u know that wanton skin is more important that the filling inside? Heard on TV that people emphasize on eating the skin and not the meat, that's explain why outside very little meat ; )

eastcoastlife said...

Daddy is allergic to seafood? Moderate amounts should be fine.

When we make our own wantons, we put in better quality ingredients and more filling. It's better to eat home-cooked meals.

I admire your stamina to prepare the kids' bentos every morning. :)

LZmommy said...

Blessed Mum
Thanks! I will take care of myself :) Wondering if I can take leave or not.. Hahaha...

Really? But I never like it that way..

No, daddy is not allergic to seafood, he is suffering from gout. There are so many things that he can't eat.

Yes, I love it with lots of fillings, plus my kids prefer the meat more than the skin :)

No lah... I don't prepare everyday for her, 2 or 3 times a week. If everyday, I will 'die'... ;)

J@n!ce said...

You are such a good mummy to wake up at that hour to prepare lunch for your kid to bring to school. Looks really palatable & cute. I want to eat too... hehe ;p

Good job :)

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