Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where's my Present?

Yesterday, Z's teacher told me that Z praised her, he said she is pretty. She said she was very happy and she will get a present for him (she said it in his presence). Later, I found out from him that he and 2 other classmates said that to her too.

Today when I picked Z up

Z : Mommy, Ms B did not buy me any present. I thought she said she is going give me one.
I have to think fast how to answer him
Me : It 's ok not get a present. When you compliment someone, you don't expect anything in return ok?
Z : But she said that.
Me : I know... Maybe she forget? Never mind, baby... If every kid says that to her and she has to buy for everyone, then Ms B will have no more money right?
At this point, I tried to divert to conversation to something else. Otherwise, what else can I say?

I don't understand why the teacher said that. She should know kids remember what they have said. I just hope he will forget about it tomorrow.


eastcoastlife said...

Some adults are insensitive to kids. But it's good to teach kids not to expect anything in return for saying kind things or doing kind deeds. :)

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