Friday, April 11, 2008

Z @ Salon

Z usually cut his hair at a kids salon... But this time, it was the same auntie who cut her before and it didn't turned out nice. So I had to bring him to a salon for grownup... His teacher advised him to have his haircut :(

He didn't want to initially... I managed to coerced him and the receptionist lured him with sweets too. Once he was seated, the lady was very sweet to give him more sweets and biscuits and 'sweet-talked' to him. He was very stiff and didn't moved much except to turn to my side to looked at me :) Once a while, I caught him looking into the mirror, smiling to himself and observing the gorgor cutting his hair. After the haircut, I was $100+ poorer coz I signed up a package with them. It was cheaper to cut in an adult salon compared to a kids salon. Of coz before I signed the package, I asked him whether he wants to go back there again. If he was not comfortable there, I would not have take up the package.

LZdaddy & L didn't noticed that he had his haircut... LZdaddy was wondering why the hair at the side is still covering the ears. That's because I was planning to keep his hair long, like those cute & young Japanese boy. When he goes to primary school, he can't have this kind of hairstyle anymore so I might as well let him try it out. I would love to cut his hair but I really do not know how to... So I leave it to the professional :)


Anonymous said...

Z wants to look like joash? hehe..

btw, why does ms b wants him to cut his hair? his hair cant be longer than joash!


LZmommy said...

It was because he sctatches his head whenever he perspire and his fringe was too long.

Like what you have said, when they go to P1, they can't keep this kind of hairstyle anymore :)

MomsyWorld said...

show us the latest pic of Z :)

Rachel.S said...

thot I went to the wrong blog!! You change the template??

Can't wait to see him in his new hairdo! ; P

Joan D'Arcy said...

haha! COuldnt help myself but to comment! I too wanted to keep my son's hair like the cute japs.. but dh always be the first one to bring him for a haircut, without my knowledge. He thinks such hairstyle is ridiculous with lil C! So, his action is faster than mine.

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