Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why I....

Since LZ were in Childcare (before I changed their school), I have tried preparing snacks (bento look alike) for them to bring to school. I decided then that when they go to primary school, I will prepare bento for them. Knowing bento will appeal more to them, they love Japanese food, home cooked food is better and of coz, my cooking ;)

I have talked to L and asked her opinion. She loves the idea! I know my girl supports me, whatever I suggest :) As for Z, I'm not sure if he likes that when he goes to P1, for now, he likes it whenever he has bento(prepared by me). I don't see boys bringing bento to school. When time comes, I will ask him.

Maybe when L goes to P2/3, she may not want me to pack it for her. I don't know.... As children grow older, they may feel 'embarrass' about bringing food to school or they want to be independant. Meantime, I enjoy preparing food for them :) I am new in preparing bento and hope I can do it better for them.

Some of you were asking me about the egg mould and asked if I could show the pics. Sorry it took so long....


anne said...

anne ...tks for foto,.are thse gotten from ntuc or speciality shop?how abt those star shapers?phoon huat, hv?

Rachel.S said...

Enjoy it while they are still dependent on u, LZMOMMY

Idy said...

I really pei fu you. I am not sure if I will have the energy to prepare bento for my kids when they enter P1. You are my model example!

LZmommy said...

No, I got it from online.

Blessed Mum
Yes I will :)

*SHY* Sometimes I am very lazy or no energy too. I packed biscuits or homemade stuffs for her instead of cooking.

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