Tuesday, April 15, 2008


LZ like to rush to hide whenever they know daddy is opening to door. They like it when daddy comes home looking for them. But tonight, they made a mistake... It wasn't daddy that was opening the door, it was our neighbour. Z hurt himself while rushing to hide... He knocked against the corner of the coffee table.


As I was cleaning it and applying zambak

Z : Sorry mommy that I hurt myself.

I asked him : Why you apologise to me?

Z : Because I know you will feel sad... Please don't tell daddy, later he will scold me.

So sweet right? Obviously I can't keep this from daddy. I didn't scold him, he didn't mean to let it happen. I told him to be more careful and assured him that daddy will not scold him.

Daddy didn't see it till this morning. He immediately apologised to daddy..... Daddy feels heartache. He already has a scar above his eyebrow.... Now we hope this will not leave any scar on his face.

ps: Pic may take some time to load...


Rachel.S said...

Z is such a sweet boy! How to scold him, right?

fyi, for some reason, the pic didn't show up.

J@n!ce said...

Looks like quite a big cut. I felt the pain. Z is such a thoughtful & sweet boy. Hugs to him....hope the scar will be gone soon :)

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Hmm...even our children shares similar acts...haha. Or is it all children are like that.

Same like LZ, my A's also like to hide when their daddy are home..hee : O


LZmommy said...

Blessed Mum
Yah... Sometimes before I can scold him, he sweet talk to me liao. Think he knows my weakness :)

Thank you for the Hugs :) Let's hope there will be no scar.

Because we are 'sisters'mah... :) That's why our kids behaviour also similar :)

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