Monday, April 07, 2008

Bento #20 & Tired Mommy

I had to cooked 3 times today! Once for L, her bento for school, then I need to cook again for Z (and lunch) to have it while I was having meeting and last but not least, for dinner. I could have cooked Z's meal together with L's but I wanted it to be fresh when I bring it to school. Errr.... Come to think of it, I actually cook 3 times in a day quite often.

LZdaddy is still having gout, which I mentioned in my previous post. In the morning, usually he will be the one that send LZ to school but today, I had to...

- I woke up early to prepare L's bento and her breakfast
- Send L to school
- Came home and prepare Z for school
- Came home and cook lunch & prepare Z's bento
- Going for the meeting (which I will talk about it in a short while)
- Came home shower for Z
- Pick L up from school
- Dish out her lunch and do washing up
- Get them ready for swimming (I will write a post on their new swimming lesson)
- When we came home from swimming, prepared dinner

By the time everything is over, I am now half dead... Thank goodness I did my marketing yesterday, if not I will have extra things to do today. I hope LZdaddy will feel better by tomorrow, otherwise I will be the raising my white flag! ;)

Bento #20
This is similar to Bento #19 as both were prepared on the same day. From top left: Chicken rolled with fine beans and babycorn, pig shaped steamed egg, grapes, rice and steamed carrot. The blue container: ketchup. I packed another container (not in the pic) with mandarin orange so that Z can share it with Joash.

Back to the meeting... I am honoured to be invited by the Principal of Z's school to join the newly formed PSG (Parent Support Group). So far, I have never heard of any kindergarten or childcare having one. There were 6 of us (mommies and 2 of them can't make it), an Educator and the Principal who attended the meeting. We get to know each other, how we felt about kindergarten having PSG, etc...

Z and his friend, Joash (her mommy is a blogger and is in the PSG too) who is his classmate too had their lunch in the meeting room. I told Z yesterday that he would be having lunch with Joash and he was so happy and looked forward to it. I think he treasures the friendship he has with Joash as he doesn't have many friends, unlike his jiejie. He always talks about Joash and what they did in class. I saw them chatting happily while having their lunch and it is a distraction for me :) I can't help looking at them during the meeting :p

LZdaddy is worried that I will tired myself out... Having so many things to handle and now I joined another PSG. For those of you who doesn't know me, I don't have a maid, so I have to do household chores as well. I think time management is very important.... I hope I will be able to handle everything. No matter what, I will not compromise on the time spent with my babies and hubby.

OK.... That's all for now.... My eyes is already half closed and I will heading to my dreamland. To sleep at 10pm is a rare thing for me :)


Rachel.S said...

thot u are make of machine, gagaga just kidding

You are a wonderful mum and wife and they are so lucky to have you!

Elaine said...

Salute you, cooking 3 times a day. I cook only dinner, also I give up someday out of idea what to cook.

I haven't started my bento expenditure yet, waiting for my kit to arrive. I wonder if it will really take time preparing bento.

LZmommy said...

Blessed Mum
I thought I am one too :)
I think it should be the other way round :) I am lucky to marry him, no need to work and my kids bring me so much joy :)

Sometimes I don't know what to cook too, I will ask my kids what they feel like eating. They do give me suggestion :)

Looking forward to your bento posts :) I try to look for recipes that don't take too much time to prepare and some things can be prepared in advance. Like cutting the veggie first, marinate the meat first, etc...

huisia said...

oh gosh, you really don't have your personal time.

i love your bento...maybe i should think of making one for jo.

Aces Family said...

Hey LZmommy,

Important thing to remember - must have enough rest!

Don't compromise on your own health.

I think LZdaddy must be "heartpain" to see his baobei so tired. And hope that he recovers soon too.


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