Monday, April 28, 2008

Ouch Again!

Less than 2 weeks and Z hurt himself again this afternoon.... The last time he hurt his face, this time he hurt his hand. He was in the room and was trying to switch on the fan. The standing fan fell, he tried to hold it and I think that's how he hurt himself. The fan's blade broke into pieces...

My poor boy.... It must have been very painful coz he was crying very loudly. At that time, jiejie was doing her homework and I was in the toilet. We rushed to him and found him sitting on the floor crying. While crying (before we came in), he actually put back the fan in the standing postion. He was worried that I would scold him for spoiling the fan but I was more concern of his hand.

Haiz... Let's hope he will be accident-free for a long period of time...


miche said...

it seems that he is really scare of getting scolding from your guys? why? it gives me the impression that he has a very fierce parents that hurting yourself is a crime.

Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

Lucky it's just a small cut.

I am always very conscious of standing/table fans because children like to play with it..sigh.


LZmommy said...

Let me clarify this :) We taught them that whenever they made a mistakes, they have to apologize. The last time he apologize coz he said he upset me (when he hurt himself). This time, he broke the fan, so he apologized for that.

This is what I am afraid of and it happened... Thank goodness it is just a small cut.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Ouch, that looks really painful!! Putting a nice colorful cartoon band aid on the wound will take away half the pain :)

Clement said...


getting hurt as a result of deliberate disobedience over a situation that your parents have explicitly warned against, rightly should be something that the child ought to feel remorseful and apologetic of.

For extremely dangerous situations, I'd rather have the child to be fearful than severely injured.

Michelle said...

if it is an act of disobedience, then apologies is needed but if it an accident, should we expect an apology too?

LZmommy, it looks like u do teach your son well for being sensitive of what others might have felt due to his action. =)

Clement said...

how else can one get hurt, if not by accident? self-inflicted??

jean said...

LZmommy, my hands and legs went numb for a while when I saw the injury.

Pls do ensure that he takes care of the injured part to avoid inflamed. Thankfully the fan didn't hit him anywhere else.

Get well soon, Z!

Michelle said...

oh ok, i used the wrong word then. apologies. what about "not on purpose"? trying to switch off the fan and fell down. i dont think that's an act of disobedience.

J@n!ce said...

Oh, that looks so painful... a rather deep cut. I could feel the heartache as mummy. Such a sweet boy still put back the fan in standing position.

Aunty Janice gives a BIG hug to you hope you stay accident free for a long time.

Take Care sweetie :)

Rachel.S said...

poor baby! he must be in great pain! Aunty sayang...

LZmommy, I know both of you are wonderful parents and had brought you kids up don't worry too much on the comments, ok?

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