Monday, April 21, 2008

Bento #26

Bento #26
From left:Baked ham, tomato & cheese on bread, jellies (again), grapes and cookies.

She placed order again :) LZ made the ham & tomato bread at church yesterday. They love it and L asked if she can have it for her bento. Z requested that for lunch! Well, I obliged :) Besides having that for lunch, I also prepared cream soup and other stuffs. I don't think I will have this for a long time.... :)

Last night, after we came home, I realised I forgot to buy the french loaf! The main ingredient! Arrggghhhhh! LZdaddy asked me not to, he said don't 'spoilt' them. When L heard that, she said "it's ok mommy... It is late and you look tired. Tomorrow you just pack the cookies for me." Awwww.... Again, she melt my heart :) So did I go get the bread? YES! I did :)


Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow.... baked ham, cheese and tomato on bread, how unique. Where did you get all these ideas from? You have a bento box recipe book?

Rachel.S said...

O..sweetie L! she's so sweet and matured! Wish R is like her..

LZmommy said...

Health Freak Mommy
I got this recipe from the church and for the rest, most of it is from cookbook. Yes, I do own bento recipe book too :)

Blessed Mum
Thank you for the compliments :) You are so humble :) R is just like L :)

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