Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Present For You

After school, we went into the school bookshop to buy the headsets (for school computer use). Z was thrilled! "Mommy, we are inside jiejie's school!" :)

They ran out of stocks for the headsets.... L asked if she can buy the lead for her mechanical pencil. I was happy that she asked :) She remembered what I told her, if she wants to buy anything, she will have to ask. When Z heard that, he said he wanted to buy something too. I told him there isn't anything that he needs from the bookshop and he was upset. He walked away angrily... As my friend was waiting for us, I gave in.

We went back to the bookshop and he said he wanted a mechanical pencil too. I didn't have any small change with me, so I asked L if she would like to buy it for her brother. She said yes and we both helped her brother to choose one. I can't stop smiling when I saw this and when she took out her wallet, paid 40cents pay for it :)

From the pic, you can see how happy Z was! :)


Anonymous said...

You've taught your children very well :)

My Lovely 'A' said...

So sweet of your children.

Rachel said...

L such a good sis to Z...well done, LZmommy!

LZmommy said...

Thank you Ladies :) I hope they will carry on to be good to each other when they grown up.

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