Monday, April 14, 2008

Smart Or Lazy?

I usually 'play' mental sum/spelling with L & Z. They love it! They always say "Mommy, test us! Test us!" That day (Saturday) in the car, I asked Z to spell numbers, when comes to 11....

Me : Spell for me ten.

Z : T E N!

Me : How about 11?

Z : 1 (&) 1!


This morning at the lift

LZdaddy: Hurry up! 电梯来了!

Z : Daddy, no need 快点 , you press the door open button. Then I don''t have to 快点.


J@n!ce said...

Clever Z..... he has his own kiddish intelligence. *clapclap*... :)

mamaseah said...

i would say he is smart!

MomsyWorld said...

he's not lazy...he's smarty Z :)

Rachel.S said...

Z is getting cheekier and cheekier. So smart.

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