Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Weekends


In the morning, we went to pray to my late Father-in-law(FIL).... It was LZ first time going there to pray to him. My Mother-in-law (MIL)'s initial plan was to let L goes and leave Z at my Mum's place. Knowing Z, he wouldn't want it. I managed to convince my MIL and both came along.

Before we go, I explained to them what are we going to do when we are there. Both were well-behaved, they probably knew that it was not a place for them to play or joke and I also warned them beforehand. They were curious why we need to hold joss-sticks to pray as this was not the usual way they pray. Nevertheless, they followed.... We went to the niche, prayed and they did that too...

They have never seen their grandfather but they have heard so much about him. I was pregnant with L when my FIL passed away and she remembered that. LZdaddy told them what kind of person he is and his favourite food. Whenever we drink coffee, LZ would remember that was Ah Gong's favourite. We also showed them his picture every now and then...

After the praying session, we went to Plaza Singapura... Haven't been there for some time.... We did some shopping, had dinner and went home early to watch Liverpool-Arsenal match :)

Having dinner at Ajitei Restaurant

Having the dessert here reminded me of the dessert store in Hong Kong

Z was angry with me when I asked him to share the dessert with jiejie. I thought he would preferred the mixed fruit instead of the mango ice that I was having. He told me he only want to share it with me :) Jiejie was fine with it, she got to eat more fruits :)


In the evening, we bought a cake to celebrate godpa's birthday.. L drew a picture on behalf of her brother and herself and gave it to godpa. Next year, he would have a little one celebrating for him :) It was great to see my friend will her little protruding tummy and I couldn't resist touching it :)
We saw this insect on top of our car and I wonder what this is...


mamaseah said...

looks like some kind of spider and i'm impress u actually dare to stand near it to take photo. if it's me i'll simply scream and stay away from it. haha

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