Monday, April 14, 2008

My Stress Level Going UP!?

Today after school, L told me that she has to complete a passage on 我的家人. She has already completed half and quess what? It is written all in Han Yu Pin Yin! *Faint* I asked her why? She said it is easier and faster to complete. Haiz.... I hope she will try to write in Chinese character for the next time.

L told me they need the passage for oral examination and it doesn't have to be long. They are to write and then memorise it. They will be tested on it. ORAL EXAMINATION! She sounded so cool and I am the one that is stress! I don't remember that we have to write a passage and memorise it when I was in P1. When I read through what she wrote, I thought of making some amendment, but decided against it. She wrote the passage herself so it will be easier for her to remember and if I do any changes, she may not remember what I have written. I want to pass the exam with her own effort and not with my help. Then she will learn...

Here is what she has written (in hanyupinyin & without my help at all):

wo xi huan wo de ma ma yin wei ta ye xi huan wo. Wo he di di yi qi wan you xi hai you zhuo gong ke, wo xi huan ta . Wo xi huan wo de ba ba yin wei ta mai wan ju gei wo he di di. Wo xi huan wo de jia ren.

Now I put it in Chinese words:

To me, I think this is a great achievement for my girl. We don't speak mandarin often to her but we have been trying lately. She knows she is weak in Chinese and she is putting in effort too. I think it was good that she write it short and sweet, if she wrote it too long, she will have a longer list to remember :)

Ahhhhhhh! Her exams are coming up! How to get her ready for exams? I think if she has been doing her work regularly, she should be ok... One thing I have to do is to remind her to : CHECK & CHECK her work after she completed it. I'm not sure it is her only or it happens to other children too, she makes careless mistakes. I know coz when I sit with her and ask her to do the sum again, she can do it.

Last week, she told me the class monitor and a few boys got a badge each as a reward for outstanding performance in class for the previous term. She was disappointed that she didn't get it and she told me none of the girls got it! Before I could console her, she told me that she will work harder for this term to get one. That's my girl :) With a positive attitude and determination :) She is a tough girl that doesn't give up easily!

加油! 宝贝! 我知道你行的! Even if you don't get it, it ok :) You are always the best in mommy''s heart! Oops! One of the two. Hehe.... Cannot leave out your brother right?


MomsyWorld said...

it is not easy to learn chinese cousins who speaks chinese often have probs with hanyu pinyin and recognising chinese characters...I would say, L is doing good for her HYPY.

teni said...

wah P1 got oral exam??!! JJ will only have it when they go P2.


Rachel said...

Very positive attitude, L!

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Just to share -
I ever read an article about a parents requesting that the class chinese teacher not to give their son HYPY spelling cos they were worried the child will be confuse.

They prefer him to learn the words itself.

L is indeed doing well in this area..good job.


LZmommy said...

I think so too. Chinese is not easy to master. Hopefully she will master it well.

Lucky you! Now I speak mandarin with her quite frequent, to let her get used to it.

Blessed Mum
Thank you :)

I think I read that article too. Thank goodness for this term, they are not testing on HYPY anymore.

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