Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bento #28

I was planning to prepare something else but in the end, I made maki today coz Z asked me to make it for lunch today and L said she would like to have it for her bento.

Bento #28

I am disappointed with the bento today... I didn't put enough effort into making the maki and I was rushing (as usual). It doesn't look that good! But.... My girl cheer me up! Hehehe...

I was in the midst of preparing it

Me : Aiya... Today your bento doesn't look that good!
L : No Mommy,they look yummy!
Me: No... You see this part, this..... (pointing at it)
L : Let me try
She took one of it
L : Still very yummy and look ok. *smile*

My girl is good at making me a very HAPPY mommy :) In the afternoon, at least I have more time to make nice looking maki/sushi and more selection for them :)


MomsyWorld said...


It is the effort and love taken to prepare the food that makes it looks great! L appreciates ur effort, am sure Z will too! :) Don't be so hard on youself :)

Rachel.S said...

aiyo..lzmommy! your bentos are very nice's the effort that count, right?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Rachel is right. Your bentos are really very nice. If these makis were not nice enough to you, mine would be horrible :D

kelly said...

Your bentos look nice..I'm sure L appreciates your effort and enjoys having what you prepare for her.

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