Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Queue & Pay

That day at the bookstore, He volunteered again :)

Ever since Z saw jiejie queue and pay for things, he likes to volunteer to do it too. Buying bubble drinks, waffles etc... Soon, my boy doesn't need me *Sob Sob*.... A lot of things he doesn't want me to help. For example, when he eats his food, I try to help him 'push' all the food together. He said "mommy, I can do it." or "mommy, let me do it myself." Sometimes, he asks if he can shower on his own like jiejie, brushes his teeth on his own etc...

Of coz there are times he act like a baby :) At times in the morning, he said he is a baby, coz he wants me to help him to wear his uniform. I think that's because he is lazy :) Also, he likes me to cuddle him like when he was a baby and sing to him :) I think only jiejie and him enjoy my singing! Hahaha...


Rachel.S said...

can't wait to hear you sing!!!

Don't worry la..he still very "romantic" to you : P

Elaine said...

at age 4, your boy looks so much more matured and grown up compared to my boy.

LZmommy said...

Blessed Mum
Haha! You will regret!
I think he is very manjah :)

Really? Maybe because he attended childcare for 1yr+...:)

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