Friday, April 04, 2008

Her First Mass Walk

L's school organised a a Mass walk for the lower primary students and it was her 1st Mass walk. I think it was good that the school did that :) They have mass PE on Friday and this is something different from what they usually do. We, PSG members were asked to station at different points to ensure safety.

She told me she enjoyed it :) Because she can chats with her friend and she was very happy to see me there. But me blur blur... I didn't even see her! She said she was waving at me(she didn't want to shout for me). I saw her class walked past me and I missed her!

After the walk, I had a drink with the rest of the PSG members. When I was about to leave, I saw my girl having a PE lesson (with her class). I saw her enjoying the lesson with her classmates, throwing balls and laughing :) She ran towards me when she saw me. She complained that I wasn't looking at her during the Mass Walk :p I explained to her that when I saw her class walked past, I tried looking for her. She told me she was actually walking in front of her teacher. No wonder I don't see her...

Las week, when I was asked by the PSG if I am free to hep out with the mass walk. I told them I will think about it... I was feeling lazy and there are lots of things to do at home so I thought of saying no.

Few days ago, L mentioned it

L : Mommy, you know we are going for a Mass Walk on Friday?
Me : I know...
L : How come you know? *pause* Ohh.... The mommies are going to help right? So you are going to be there?
Me : Sweetie, I don't plan to go...
Immediately I saw a disappointed face
Me : You want me to go?
L : Yes pleaseeeeee...
Me : But if I go, I will not have time to prepare your bento. Is that ok with you?
L : Yes!

See? My presence is more important than the bento :)


MomsyWorld said...

Mommy's presence is definitely more important than the yummy bento set :)

eastcoastlife said...

Kids love to have their parents be present in school or watch them at their activities. I wasn't able to do that with my son as I was busy with work. I truly regretted it and am trying to compensate my son right now.

Spend as much quality time as possible with your young kids, they grow up very fast.

LZmommy said...

Thank you for your advice :) I am trying my best to spend as much time as I can with them.

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