Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye Teachers

LZ attended their last art lessons... They were a little sad.. So was I. There are so many things that they want to learn and we don't have enough time. It is tiring for me to ferry them for classes everyday. They know and they understand. So they chose to give up art lessons. That doesn't mean that they will stop doing craft or drawing. I told them we could do art & craft at home, like we used to before I send them for lessons. I will probably have to start surfing the net for craft ideas. If not, they could draw & paint whatever they want.

The teachers knew it was their last lessons... They said they will definitely miss them and so will LZ. They each gave LZ a very BIG hug. I don't know why L was so shy today.... She doesn't want to take pic alone with Teacher Fiqah, Z happily took the pic with them. And she was the one who reminded me to take pics for them. Z, on the other hand, enjoyed taking pics today. He asked the teachers if he could take pics with them. When comes to Teacher May, he was sooo shy! Hahaha...

Teacher Fiqah taught L since the first lesson. When L moved on to the next level, she taught her too. Z was taught by Teacher Tricia in the beginning and then followed by Teacher May (most of the time) when he moved on to the next level. His favourite teacher is Teacher May. He said he likes Teacher May because she has long hair :) I am so glad that all the teachers has been very nice to LZ. They always give them a very warm welcome when they see them :) Whenever they finished their lessons, the teachers gave them stickers or candies.

Thank you Teachers, for teaching LZ and making the lessons so fun for them :) They will definitely miss you all! If time permits, I will send them for lessons or pay you guys a visit :)


Rachel.S said...

your kids are very sensible...

J@n!ce said...

Where is this Arts Class? Looks really fun from the material they provide :)

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