Saturday, April 26, 2008

Red Versus Black

I was looking for a new handbag and Z was with me. He decided that I need help :) So he went around showing me bags that he thought was nice. Then he showed me a red bag and I thought this bag would be great if it was in black. It is just nice for me to put all my 'rubbish' =)

I asked the sales girl to show me the black one. Z didn't like it and he insisted that I should buy the red one. Errrr... Me carry a red bag? I explained to him and tried to convince him that I should take the black one. but my boy refused to accept it. He kept saying the red one is very nice, the black one too shiny blah blah blah....

So did I get the red bag? Yes I did *.* I really need a bigger bag to put my stuffs and we were running late. My boy happily told LZdaddy & jiejie that he chose the bag for me. LZdaddy think it's nice and my girl's first reaction was "Yeeeeee! So red!". After my girl said that, I realised it is indeed very red! I agreed with my girl and my boy was upset again... He said "That means you don't like what I choose for you! " No, baby.... I like it. But mommy just need a little more time to use to the color ok? :)

So next time if you see someone carrying this bag, that might be me =)


J@n!ce said...

You know... I'm actually a very "black" person before I married. Open up my wardrobe and most of my outfit are earthy colors. After having kids, I changed my outfit to more pastel colors. The red bag of yours is definitely a good choice. Its not very RED lah. Your kids got taste :)

eastcoastlife said...

Ok lah! I like red colour now. Probably becos I'm getting old. hahaha.....

mamaseah said...

his taste not bad wor. i must say it's really nice. i am a red yellow orange person heheehee brighr colours makes me feel happy

LZmommy said...

Haha! I am just like you! So red isn't something I would wear or buy...
Really? I will tell Z and he will be very happy to know that Auntie Janice said he got taste ;) Thank you :)

That's not true! You are not old at all! You very hip leh... :)

Thank you :) My boy would be happy to know that another Auntie said the bag is nice :)
Maybe I should try to add colours to wardrobe now :)

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