Sunday, March 16, 2008


We visited Ah Ma this afternoon.... LZ spent time with their Uncle as we were lazy to get into the pool :p And daddy's leg is still hurting from Gout.

After seeing L at the pool, LZdaddy decided that it was time to change her coach and we will not wait till we find a new coach. He said that her stroke is wrong and no point in continuing with the coach after hearing what I had told him. I told LZdaddy the other day I told the coach that I noticed her stroke was wrong and instead of going into the pool to correct her, he said "ya... it is wrong and I have told her that" . I was expecting him to go inside the pool to guide her or show her what she did was wrong.

I know she will miss her friends.... But there is no point to continue paying the fees and she is learning the wrong. Z will miss having fun with Joseph (my friend's son) and I will definitely miss chatting with my friends....


fannie said...

if the coach is not passionate enough...imho is to change too...swimming with wrong strokes can be a strain to the muscles plus it increases the risks of injuries.

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