Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good News From Godparents

In the evening, we meet up with LZ's godparents for dinner. Godma has not been feeling well coz she is PREGNANT! I have not told LZ the good news until today.

Me : Babies, later when you see godma, please don't jump onto her like you used to ok?

LZ : Why?

Me : Because godma is having a baby and she has not been feeling well. You guys have to be very gentle with her.

L : You mean she has a baby in her tummy now? When is the baby coming out?

Z : Is the baby boy or girl? Is the baby coming out now?
See how excited they are? :) The asked lots of questions that I can't remember all!
Me : Hahaha.... Yes, baby is in her tummy now. No, baby is not coming out now and will only be born in September. It is too early to tell if baby is a boy or girl.

Z : Is it a long time? I hope baby is a girl.

L : She started counting how many more months... Didi, it is a long time to September. I hope baby is a boy
Then they start fighting over who is right.

When they saw godparents, they asked the questions all over again and both were fighting to sit next to godma. :)

My dear friend, may your morning sickness go away soon and may you have a smooth pregnancy and deilivery. Stay cheerful ok? :) You know anytime both you and Will need any help, we will be there. I can be your advisor too! Hehehe....


huisia said...

Congrats to L's godma

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