Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mommy In Class

Parents were invited to sit in for Chinese enrichment class today. I was happy! I never get a chance to see how Z's performance in class (during chinese lesson), this gave me an opportunity to see how he behaved in class and I wondered if he speaks mandarin to his teacher.

I was the only parents initially till much later, another 3 parents joined in. The lesson started with them going through the words they have learnt from the past lessons. 这个学期的主题是动物和颜色。比如: 狗,猫,羊,猩猩,马,大象,骆驼,等等。 其他的字例如: 喜欢,看见,他,她和它,大和小。之后,老师会叫学生们造句。

老师问Z : 你会用'喜欢'吗?
Z 回答: 我喜欢吃鱼。

Then teacher asked him again with the word '看见'
His reply: 我看见妈妈。

老师问: 这是什么字?
老师: 你会什么?
Z: 我会画画。

I am impressed that he is able to form sentences with the words :) (He seldom speaks mandarin at home)

After going through the words, it was story-telling time. The teacher used picture cards to tell the story. Then she tested them by asking them to arrange the sequence of the story. Then it was the children's turn to read out another story. I think the story was tough for Z!

They also sang the children rhymes/songs and also role play the story, 龟兔赛跑. His favourite:

小老鼠 上灯台 偷吃油 下不来
喵喵喵 猫来了 叽哩咕噜

I realised that he wasn't interested in singing other songs. Below is a video of the 'happenings' in class.

They learnt something new today, shapes. I was so happy coz I just taught him shapes few days ago :) After all the fun, it was time for them to sit down for their paper work. I think the kids are so used to the routine that they all quiet down, took their chairs and went to their respective place.

I must say that I enjoyed the lesson throughout! :) It was a joy to watch Z and his friends!


Health Freak Mommy said...

His class looks really fun eh?

LZmommy said...

I think it is fun :) Otherwise my boy would not be looking forward to the lesson every week :)

That Girl said...

this was precious! I couldn't understand a word, but I loved it completely.

Kelly said...

Z is absolutely smart!

J@n!ce said...

Looks really fun. We hardly speak mandarin at home & as such, my 2 boys are very poor in it. I wanted to send them for chinese enrichment class too. Any suggestion? :)

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