Thursday, March 27, 2008

Z's Eye-checkup Report

Finally we got the report. I think it should be ok, right? :)

Date of examination: 4th March 2008

LogMAR (I have no idea what all these mean, anyone care to explain to me :)?)
Right: +0.22
Left: +0.24

Computed Snellen
Right: 6/9.5p
Left: 6/9.5p

Stereopsis : Normal

Up till now, Z still remembers that he needs to rest his eyes after some time at the computer (better than me! Hehehe...), do not read under dimmed light and the eye exercises. Gosh! I am not setting a good example to my kids. They had to remind me :p


MomsyWorld said... means normal? is this posted on MOH's webby on the readings?

Angelcow said...

Eyes are so important!!! I was so happy when i was diagnoised with mypoic when i was in p4... coz can wear glasses like papa. now, i spent $$$$ to go for lasik to say byebye to spectacles....

LZmommy said...

The report said normal for Z. I'm not sure if the explanation is posted on MOH website. Lazy to check :p

I'm different from you :) I cried when I know I need to wear glasses in sec1. Want to go for lazik but no money leh :) and old liao. Hahaha..

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