Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes

I know Easter is over.... Meant to make this during weekends but I forgot about it till we were having the Easter chocolate eggs :p I asked LZ if they want to have it and they said yes :) and I know my friend's kids would love to have some (not shy hor? Hehehe).

I decided to use half of the mixture to bake some chocolate chip cupcakes for LZ's snack and the rest for the cupcakes. I baked it last night and put on the icing this afternoon. My initial plan was to use fondant to try to make bunny but was simply too lazy :p Hmmmm... I am sooo lazy! Anyway, I know LZ will be just as happy seeing the eggs on it :)

PS : May need to wait for a while to see the pic...


WokkingMum said...

So cute! Remind me of Fluff Easter Egg hunting! LOL
I would to have some also. :)

Anonymous said...

no show photo??


LZmommy said...

Yes, it does reminds me of that :)

There's a pic of it, you can't see the pic?

Rachel.S said...

The pic took quite some times before it appear...

I "stole" some of it and its yummy!!

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