Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spending Power

L learning the proper way to use fork & knife.

L has been very excited with her pocket money ever since she started P1. The money that is not used for the day, she will save it in her piggy bank.

At times, she comes home with some stuffs she bought with her allowance. I was quite upset with it. I had cut her allowance once. The last time was because she bought yakult almost everyday and also bought some things from the bookshop. I would rather she buy fruit.... I think this is a common problem that some parents will have to face when their kids go to P1..

Then recently I increased it back to $2, worry that she may not have enough and I would like her to save more money and worry if she lost some of it. Less than 2 weeks ago, she came home with something that she bought from the bookshop again. I was angry! She went to the bookshop with her classmate, they saw something that was very cute, a small notepad. Her friend asked her to buy it and she did! I ever told her that if she really like something from the bookshop, let me know and I will decide if I should get it for her as I am in the school quite often.

Me : Why did you buy this?
L : My friend asked me to buy this. Very cute right?
I think she regretted the moment she said that
Me : Yes it is cute but you don't need it. You friend ask you to buy and you bought it? Why can't she get it?
L : .......
Me : I am disappointed with the way you spend money. I told you many times, only buy things that you need and spend it wisely. I will have to cut your allowance till you know how.
L : Sorry mommy.... I will not do it again.

She asked if I could give her another chance. Looking at her sad face, I obliged... I may be harsh with her but I do not want her to spend daddy's hard earned money this way and I hope she understand... Whole of last week, I am very happy she spent her money wisely :) Everyday, she told me whether she spent any money and she is also very happy that her little piggy is heavier now :)


Blessed mum said...

Think its a common problem...but at least she remembered what your lecture...Mine just said "I forgot" : (

Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

I agreed with your teaching - spending monies wisely. Good to cultivate this kind of thinking and I believe L will know the Good of it.


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