Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An Unpleasant Incident

On Monday night, L told us one of her classmates pinched her. We were upset and angry. This is not the first time the boy has been naughty towards her! There a few incidents, he called her names, tripped her and last week broke her watch.

This time, he is too much! He pinched her! She told me while she was walking towards the gate the boy pinched her. L informed her science teacher and her teacher said she would tell him off. I asked L did the teacher told him off, she said no. She didn't tell me till we reached home. If I have known earlier, I would have walk into the school and confront the boy.

We decided not to let the matter rest, so today I went to school and look for her form teacher. I told her about the incident and she was shocked! I was surprised that the science teacher did not inform her. She assured me she will do something about it.

In the evening, L told me if she is in an all girls school this will not happen. Sorry Sweetie.... That such things happen to you...

On Tuesday after my duty at the Maths Activity, I spoke to her form teacher. She was not informed of the incident, she assured me she would do something and would inform me the outcome. I told her we would like the child's parents to be inform. I hope they have a good talk with their kid.

After that, I met L during her recess. While we were at the canteen, I spoke to some of her classmates. Apparently this boy has been going around bullying others, including students from other classes. To my horror, I found out that he just punched someone on the face (their classmates saw it)! It is so unfortunate that my girl has to be in the same class as him.

Today I asked L if the teacher talked to the boy and what was the outcome. She told me that the teachers (including the science teacher) spoke to him and asked him to apologise to her. But I am disappointed the teacher did not tell me anything.... :( This evening, we decided to sms the teacher and asked her what was the outcome. She replied that she has spoken to the boy's father. He said that he will discipline his child and monitor his behavior closely. She also said that she has reprimanded him and changed his seat away from my girl.

Haiz..... I hope he will stop his nonsense not only to my girl but to others as well.... And hopefully he has learnt his lesson now that he is given another chance....

For my girl, I told her to stay away from him. I know it is difficult as she is the monitress in class but I told her if the boy is noisy in class, she should get the monitor to talk to him instead of her. Besides these incidents and the boy, L gets along very well with her classmates, I can tell her classmates enjoy her company and she enjoys school :) For instance yesterday during recess, I couldn't find her. I asked her classmates where was L, they immediately go around the canteen looking for her. I has to stop them as it is their recess. So sweet of them right?


huisia said...

Wah, the boy really terrible, hope he will behave himself and not disturb others.

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Personally i think it's good to let L know that there are "Bullies" in the real world.(with no major injuries done). So she will learn to protect herself.

By tis episode, she will know that if ever the boy ever pinch her again or does anything to her again, she will know who to go to.. : )

ps: i think regardless it's boy or girl school, there are bound to be a bully..hee : P


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