Friday, March 28, 2008

I Will Take Care Of You

The picture say it all! :) We had our lunch at the foodcourt after picking didi up from school.

Today L was very happy that she was able to go back to her kindergarten to visit her teachers. L's school hour ended earlier than Z as the school had celebration going on. Z was just as excited, he told his Chinese teacher jiejie is coming and the teacher was wondering why he said that *.* They have the same Chinese teacher.

L was a little shy when she saw her teachers. She visited her English teacher, Chinese teacher and computer teacher too. The computer teacher realised now that they are siblings :) Before we leave the house, she told me she has so much to say to her teachers. But when she saw them, she was quiet. The teacher commented that she has grown so much taller :)

We enjoyed the walk home today coz we had L walking home with us :)


Rachel.S said...

They are so I wish mine 2 princess can be as loving as LZ.

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