Saturday, March 08, 2008

Playground @ Big Splash

Before leaving the house, both of them set up a 'playground' for their soft toys :)

We were planning to go somewhere but in the end we spent our afternoon at the Playground :) It is so different now! I don't see the slides anymore.... It sure does bring back memories. By the time we had our lunch at KFC, we missed some programmes organised by the management.

Since the weather was hot and there's an indoor kids playclub - Frisk 'n' Romp, we decided to let LZ had fun. There were staffs looking after them and story telling session too. LZdaddy and me then took a walk and had coffee. Halfway, I went back to the gym to check on LZ. The had so much fun that both their hair were wet! I was glad that I popped back coz they were very thirsty.

The weather was so HOT that LZ struggling to keep their eyes open!

Just as I was busy taking pics of my little ones and looking at them, the management from the gym approached and asked if it was OK for the radio staff to interview me. So if you have been listening to FM 95 at about 1430hr, you would have heard my voice live from the playground :) Hehehe.... The person who interviewed was none other than GLENN ONG! Before the interview, he asked where was my kids, whether are they enjoying themselves, how old are they etc... After a short introduction about me and my kids on air, I was asked to tell the listeners how I know about the place and opinion after the revamp and also the gym (obviously).

After the interview, I took a pic with him :) Knowing LZdaddy would be jealous! Coz he likes to listen to FM95, especially FD and Glen. I did called daddy who was drinking his coffee downstairs. I was hoping he was the one talking instead of me (I am very shy, hehehe....) but it was very noisy that he didn't hear me saying that Glenn was there. LZ was very curious what was happening as everyone was watching their mommy talking to this 'tall' guy(he was wearing the kangoo jump).

After that, we went to the book store get more assessment books for LZ and we thought we could make it back there in the evening to catch fireworks but daddy's car aircon broke down and the weather was very hot :(


fannie said...

this place looks really fun! Hope to bring Ethyl there before the little one pops put!

btw...Z looks cool with the sunshades!

Rachel.S said...

Hey, I'm begining to think this is your year!! Got cai shen ye visit and now GLEN ONG!!! So envy!!!

Wow, I didn't know he's so tall!!!

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Wow..soon you will become a "STAR" Blogger, since you are so lucky to meet with the star..hee : )


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