Friday, March 21, 2008

Look What he Did!

We saw this in the sky while at the pool, Z said it was the shooting star :)

LZ had a great time at my BIL's place (brother-in-law) again. :)

My BIL was very sweet, he wanted them to stay overnight at their place so that LZdaddy and me can have some couple time. But LZ did not bring any extra clothes. Next time I should always standby few sets of clothes, then they can stay for a few days! Hehehe.....

After dinner, LZ were playing and talking to their Auntie. Out of a sudden, we heard L crying very loudly, which is not usual. She is a tough girl who doesn't cry even when she goes for her jab. She ran to us and told us didi bite her! We saw the bruise behind her back and it was bad. The others saw it and was shocked that Z did that as he always appeared to be very mild manner.

We found out that she teased him and he wasn't happy and he did that to her. I was angry! He shouldn't do that no matter what happen and this is the first time he did that. He would usually tell us and we would ask L to stop teasing him or they settle it themselves.

After lecturing him, he was asked to stand next to me and not talk at all. Z knew he was in the wrong and did as he was told. I was glad that non of our family members get involved when I punished him. If it happen in my Mom's place, I am sure she would stop me.

After few minutes, Z asked if he can join his sister. I told him yes and he walked towards jiejie and apologised to her again. Then they were back to their usual self, laughing and playing together. I do hope Z learnt a lesson from it.


Rachel.S said...

It must be really painful!! poor girl! Charmaine did that too to Rachel..I think the younger ones are trying to be independent in solving their dispute/displeasure... Or just 2nd round of terrible 5, in your case, 4

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