Monday, March 17, 2008

Grown Up?

L removed her tooth today. She did it without my knowledge! I am not angry... It just that I feel that my girl doesn't need me anymore... *SOB*

She went to the clinic during recess (after having the maki) and have it pull out.

L : Dentist, can you please check whether can pull out my tooth.

Dentist : (after checking) Can. You want to pull out or not?

She thought for a while and decided to pull it out. It was smart of her to go to the dentist after her meal. She said she didn't feel any pain :) So cool right?

I think when I was at her age, I don't dare to do this on my own. Nowadays, kids are so different or it was me that was the odd one :p

She excitedly showed me her tooth after school (she was holding on to it when I picked her up). My girl, mommy is very proud of you :) Doing things on your own and making your own decision. But certain things you still need to ask ok? :) I want to feel that you still need me, can? :)

While waiting for her after school, I saw some P1 students showing their mommies their EZlink cards. I thought to myself that L will do that too. No, she didn't. So I thought she yet to collect her card or she forgot to show me.

When we got home, she said she has a surprise for me :) She took out her card from her wallet and flashed it to me! I knew my girl will not forget to share with me her excitement! She said she is a big girl now and can take bus on her own. On second thought, she decided to pass the card to me for safe-keeping. She said she doesn't want to lost it and we usually take bus together. See? My girl still need me.. Hehehe...

My girl has grown so much! Not only her appearance, also her thinking and her behavior. Of coz there are times she behaves like a baby :) She wants me to carry her like one *FAINT*


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