Thursday, March 06, 2008

L & Her Friend

The girls before their swimming lesson

L and Rachel has know each other since nursery. I remembered when they were in K1, Rachel told me "Auntie, you know L is my best friend?" :) Even though they were 'separated' when they were in K2, they are still in contact and are still best of friends.

It is difficult to meet up nowadays as they are in P1 but Rachel's mommy & I try our best to arrange for the girls to meet up. We signed them up for 2 courses together :) One of them is swimming. The girls always look forward to swimming lessons! Even our younger ones are close with each other's jiejies. But there are times where they wish their younger siblings would leave them alone ;) They play games and ignore the younger ones or if the game they play need one person to be out, they would play it in a way that the rest will be out except them :)

I hope our girls will be able to maintain this friendship :)


Rachel.S said...

I didn't know I missed so many of your updates!!

hahaha... The older ones are definately more cunning : )

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