Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Maths Activity - School

I am so tired.... Have been helping out in the school with the Maths Activity for P1 for the past 2 days, though it was only 1 hour each day..... I usually use the time in the morning to prepare lunch while they are in school and do my daily chores. For these 2 days, I had to get up much earlier (before daybreak) to prepare....

Let talk about the Maths Activity :) It is good to know that the school organise such activity (perhaps other school do that too) for the P1 & 2 (I heard other levels will be at a later date). The game consist of : using 9 cubes to create shapes, games on addition & subtraction, more than/less than, memory game, even/odd numbers, etc. The kids had fun :) L's favourite was the 9 cubes, which I was in charge :)

I am so glad that I volunteered for the activity as it gave me an opportunity to meet up with L's classmates :)


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