Monday, March 17, 2008

Bento #12

Bento #12
assorted maki and water apple

I am so happy! Not for what I had prepared today but that my girl is finally eating seaweed :)

L has never likes maki, something that I have been trying to coax her to eat. She loves salmon sushi but not maki, not even with her favourite cucumber. The thing that she doesn't like : seaweed. I realised most kids love seaweed, including my boy. But not my girl... I never give up asking her if she would like to try...

Few days ago, I casually ask her if she would like to have maki for lunch and she said YES! I was surprised :0 I was expecting a "no thank you" answer. I even standby something else for lunch for her. I asked her to try one first.... Then she asked for more! That afternoon, I was very busy preparing maki and sushi for both of them. I don't even have time to sit down to eat with them! :)

She asked me if I could prepare maki for her snack, of coz I am most willing to :) When Z heard that, he said he wants that for lunch as well! And L said that too! Needless to say what we had for lunch today.. Hehehe....


Angeleyes said...

My boy loves seaweed! I always carry a few packets in my bags so I can give him to munch on if he disturb us while we are having our meals outside

jean said...

wow! their snacks are really good and warm (warmth from mommy's heart!)

Rachel.S said...

Wow..they look delicious!

How can L resist eating seaweed when mummy make it looks so yummy.

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