Thursday, March 06, 2008

Progress Report

L received her progress report for the term. My girl did very well! Yeah!

According to the report, she get ticks (on the smiling face) for the following:


  • Able to understand basic term used in Big Books (text books that are used for the lessons)
  • Able to use capital letters and full stops appropriately in writing
  • Able to spell words in context with the Big Books
  • Able to read one of the Big Books fluently
  • Able to list number bonds for numbers up to 10
  • Able to add and subtract numbers within 10
  • Able to display ability to solve simple arithmetic mentally
  • Able to solve story sums involving addition and subtraction
Mother Tongue
  • Able to understand and follow instructions in MT language
  • Able to read passages fluently in MT language
  • Able to converse willingly in MT language
  • Able to identify parts of the body
  • Able to identify parts of the eye
Character Education
  • Able to ask questions for clarification
  • Able to stand or sit up straight
  • Able to show creativity in completion of activity

General Conduct : Very Good

Well Done Sweetie! I am so proud of you!

I just found out from her communication form that they have mid year exams! Gosh! Her MT teacher also did a mock up with them for the listening comprehension. We also got the timetable when she will be having the papers. I explained to her that teachers will be testing them on what they have learnt for the past half year. She seems cool about..... Probably she doesn't really understand. I think it is better this way... I just hope she will remember to double check the papers when she has completed. This is something that I have to remind her all the time (when we are doing school homework/ homework given by me).

I also found out that they teach them computer (once a week)and mental sums. She always looks forwards to her computer lessons and she asked me to test her on mental sums too. How come I never get to learn these in school? :)

ps: She told me she is the youngest in class again.


kelly said...

Well done L! *Clap clap :)

fannie said...

it's very encouraging for all! Good job done to both Mommy and gal :)

Rachel.S said...

Well done L!! Keep it up! I'm sure L will have no problem with her exam. : )

Wow, I didn't know they learn Science in P1!!!

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