Friday, March 28, 2008

His First...

Z went for his very first tae kwon do trial lesson. The instructor, is none other than my brother-in-law. He has been very excited throughout the week and I easily threatened to stop him from going for it whenever he is naughty. Hehehe...

Both my sister and my brother-in-law (BIL) are instructor cum referees. My nephew and hubby are crazy over tae kwon do too. Besides them, my cousin is also a black belt holder. Seems like it is just one of the things that Z will pick up eventually... We sent L for a trial lesson the last time with another gym but LZdaddy did not like it there and L tried fighting with didi after just one trial lesson. After discussion, we decided that it is best that Z learn it from sister/BIL though it is a little far from our house.

Z was a little shy when he saw my BIL and the rest of the students when they arrived (we were the first to reach). I realised that Z will be the youngest if he join this group. My BIL was very strict, which we like it this way. We don't want him to show favouritism to our boy. They started with greetings and warm ups, which Z struggled with it. They were so fast when doing the warm ups! Then BIL assigned a boy to coach Z with the commands and punches. This boy is only 10 (or 11) yrs old but he was very patient when coaching Z. Z was very serious and trying to learn as much as he can, of coz at times he was a little cheeky :)

During this time, LZdaddy and L went for dinner (Z & I had our dinner earlier). They came back as fast as they could to give moral support to Z :) LZdaddy was itching to kick and punch and he was eager to see how was his son's performance. L was eager to learn too... But due to the timing (she has ballet lesson on the same day), she would not be able to learn with her didi. Though she can't join, she was able to learn the commands and the punching through observation. I think my girl pick up very fast! LZdaddy happily coached her at the side :)

After some time, my BIL came over and checked on him. Z looked a little scared and he listened to what BIL said. He was able to follow the commands quite well and do the simple punching. There was also few break times and we encouraged him to join the rest. Some of the gorgors gathered around him and talked to him. I think he was very happy that he is finally hanging out with BOYS! Hahaha....

Towards the end of the lesson, Z had the opportunity to see the different belt color patterns, the students were preparing for their tests. Initially he was very enthusiastic but soon he was yawning. I looked at the time and realised it was 10pm! No wonder my boy was yawning.

When we got home, My sis called to tell me that BIL said Z has no problem joining the class. They usually don't take in students that are younger than 5. BIL observed and said that Z is very obedient and attentive. He also picked up fast. He said usually students can't remember the commands in one lesson but Z was able to do that. Good job, my boy! My sis is trying to coax me to let him join the Thursday class instead but Z will be very tired if it is on a weekday (he sleeps by 9pm). She said she would love to teach my boy :) LZdaddy is quite keen on Thursday too, coz he will not be so shy to join in the fun coz there are uncles and aunties learning from my sis.

Our concern is his arm. Z hurt himself when he was 20 months old and now we noticed that he left arm looked slanted. We afraid that if he does sparring, he may hurt himself again. My sis suggested that perhaps he should do pattern and not sparring. But what's the point of learning just the pattern? I would like him to do both. Now what I need to do is to convince daddy that it is ok to spar and I need assurance from sis and BIL that they will keep an eye on him. Also, I need to ask my boy again if he is really interested in learning. If he doesn't want to, we will not force him.

PS : Will post the video later! So stay tune :)


Rachel.S said...

Great Job Z! Hey, but i thot u said daddy thinks he's too young to learn?

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