Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

LZ attended the Easter party organised by the church. They praised & worshipped Lord then they were divided into groups, according to their levels. Hence, LZ were in different group. I think the younger ones enjoyed more than the primary level.

It was a good idea that the church members brought them to the hall for demo baking session. The kids remembered better why there is Easter. The younger ones managed to play games and Z enjoyed it. But not for the primary schoolers.... L and her friend didn't get to play games at all. Halfway through the games, they had to 'change' places with the younger ones and go down to the other hall for the demo baking session.

Things were better when they get together to do art & craft. They each make a bunny bag and later collected their goodies with it.

Time passed so fast.... Though we didn't do much for the past few days, LZ didn't complained. At least they get to see a dog show today besides th party ;) And Z is happy that he has a longer break than jiejie (his school will be close tomorrow).


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