Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hip Hop Class

Z is in orange and white t-shirt (front row) and L in white t-shirt (back row)

For the past 4 days, LZ has been attending a hip-hop holiday programme with Rachel. I was so happy to find this holiday class for them and that Z has a friend who was in the class too. Besides learning hip-hop, the teacher played games with them too. After the 1 st day, LZ can't wait to show me what they have learnt in class, especially L :) "mommy, are you ready to see my performance?". The subsequent days, they showed me less but talked more about how much fun they had.

On the last day, we were in the classroom 10mins before it ends. We had to chance to see what the kids had learnt. I think the kids felt awkward with us (& the rest of the parents) inside the classroom, all arming with video cams & cameras. Honestly, I don't think they learnt much and the teacher can't really control them.... What most important is that they had fun and I had the chance to chit chat with Michelle :)


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