Sunday, March 02, 2008

Their Ambitions

The other day, Z told me

Z : Mommy, I want be plane driver.
He's so cute! To think he said plane driver!
Me : Oh! You mean, pilot right?
Z : Yes! I want to be a pilot! I want to fly an aeroplane!

Before that, he said he wants to be a policeman again

Me : Why you want to be a policeman?
Z : Because I want to catch all the bad guys!

L is thinking of becoming a teacher :) No longer a doctor. She is quite firm on that. I think it must be the influence she got from her form teacher :) She wants to teach the little ones. She loves babies and little kids!

L : I want to be a teacher!
Me : Why?
L : I want to teach them everything, to be good also.

I remember the last time she didn't want to be a mommy :) Now.....

L : I want to be a mommy
Me : You sure? I thought the last time you don't want to be one?
L : Yes! Mommy can have babies! I looooooooove babies! But mommy doesn't want anymore baby :(
Me : ...... (I refused to respond to her last sentence) Then you must wait till you have completed your studies, you are married then you can think of that ok?
L : What! Such a long time?
Me : Mommy waited a long time before I have you too. But it is worth waiting.


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