Saturday, March 08, 2008

Z's 4 Year Old (overdue) Checkup

It was a long overdue checkup for Z.... He was due for checkup last December but I have been so busy and I forgot all about it. Last year the same thing happened and now again! Sorry Baby.... Mommy broke my promise :( I quickly booked an appointment for him yesterday. Last year we did his checkup in March too, so it is exactly one year... So not very late right? Oops! Finding excuse is a NO NO!

Doc checked on :

  • his weight, height, head cir. He is on the 50 percentile.
  • he asked him questions and he is able to answer in proper sentences.
  • Doc showed him some pics and he is able to name it.
  • Doc drew the shapes (triangle, square, rectangle & diamond). Z was asked to drew it and he managed to do it.
  • Eyesight checked
  • Penis checked
Weight : 17.4 kg
Height : 103.2 cm
Head Cir : 52 cm

I told Doc I am concern that he has been cutting down on his milk intake. He doesn't want to take his powdered milk anymore. I gave him fresh milk and sometimes he doesn't really want it too. Doc told me I can give him other dairy products and his milk intake for now is about 500ml. Seems like what I have been doing is right, giving him more cheese, yogurt, and fresh milk...

Doc said he is progressing very well and he said it is not necessary for him to go back for his 5 year old checkup.


huisia said...

Jo still likes his milk, luckily..

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